Anoukis (n. f)

Egyptian deity, daughter of Ra, god of the Sun,
she is the Goddess of the Nile, Lady of Heaven, se who embrasses and Mistress of the Gods,
Aanoukis embodies feminity.

The Brand

Alexandra Adamiak, designer of AANOUKIS swimwear, is a free creative soul spirit, based in her beloved island of Gods, Bali, where she gets her inspiration to create AANOUKIS brand. She has deeply connected with the spirit of this island and the people. And decided to create her 1st swimwear brand, surrounding herself with heartfull souls to work with and create Magic for her AANOUKIS goddesses tribe ;-)

As years passed she is willing to empower women with more independance, buying machines to sew in their own place.  She has now built a community that she loves to call her "Bali family"


AANOUKIS’ glamorous styles are designed to make you feel distinctly unique and beautiful... in one word, like a Goddess !

With a flirty-fun attitude, AANOUKIS Swimwear is an ode to each woman’s own unique spirit. At AANOUKIS, we bless feminity and celebrate its every style and mood. Confident, provocative, yet charming and sensitive - but above all, oh-so-chic !

"Whatever your state of mind, with your favorite AANOUKIS swimsuit on and a smile, you can go anywhere and feel like a goddess ! Glamorous, sexy and stylish, whether it be a day at the beach, a pool party or a sunset drink - and for a nightime look, put some heels on, et voila !"


Made in Bali, the Island of Gods, each of our pieces is an original high-end design with French elegant touch. Crafted with love by talented artisans and seamstresses all over Bali through crochet, macrame and braiding technique, with carefully sourced materials to brings super-soft, rich hand feel & comfort.