At AANOUKIS swimwear, we love our customers, and we want to connect more with you :-)
Alexandra ADAMIAK, the CEO and designer, create this brand and designs to make you feel like a goddess, land express it in your way. Like her muse ANOUKIS, egyptian godess, daughter of Ra, the God of the Sun ;-) Let's built together a beautiful community and Share with us your summer picture wearing your favorite AANOUKIS swimwear using by tagging us :

and use hashtag

Each summer season, we will offer a 100euro worth of gift box from Bali for the best picture with our bikinis.
So Smile, free yourself from the rules and let's shine in AANOUKIS swimwear,




For this very simple :

STEP 1 : Follow us on Instagram & Facebook
STEP 2 : Take your picture and use hashtag #aanoukisgoddess

The winner will be choosen among this hastag and will be able to win her favorite bikini, swimsuit.

We create this AANOUKIS swimwear goddess club, to pamper you.
Stay tuned and sign in to get every month some gifts, offers. Discover our favorite destinations, places, tips to have a bikini body and much more....



At AANOUKIS swimwear, we know that Beauty is a matter of attitude and begins the moment you decide to be yourself ! How you feel inside is reflecting outside.


AANOUKIS engagement

"For every purchase order (except during final sales, 2 % of each orders, every end of month,
will be donated to Bali charities organisations to help communities"

Alexandra A