3.195.000 VND
Vận chuyển được tính khi thanh toán.

"Đơn hàng sẽ được xử lý từ 3 - 7 ngày (làm theo yêu cầu) và mất 7 ngày chuyển phát nhanh"

"Explore the charm of resort life with SWEETHEART TOP in Ivory color. Designed to be your favorite choice for daily wear, we use the softest fabric on your skin. The cut-out at the front and the ring fastenings add a touch of contemporary glam in a very effortless way. Comes in a charming pink color to match your favorite pants or skirts. 


  • Cropped-length
  • O-ring cutout on the front and
  • U-shaped semi-open back hemline
  • Comes with our signature gold AANOUKIS Charm

Model is wearing size S.
She measures 178 cm. Bust 86 cm. Waist 61 cm. Hips 90 cm."

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This collection called “SUMMER GLOW” captures the essence of summer with its vibrant imagery of ocean-inspired dégradé colors and the radiant energy of the sun through the day till sunset.

We worked on our own prints, suggesting warmth, joy, and a lively spirit, aligning with the themes of your designs. Those Colors conveys a sense of happiness and rejuvenation that people often associate with the summer season.

Overall, "Summer Glow" is not just a name but a reflection of the uplifting and magnetic energy this collection aims to embody.

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Nội dung tab có thể thu gọn P 90% SP 5% Linen 5%

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